Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 90

So my sister, who is a med student, revealed to me today her 10 steps to dieting. She has followed this program for the past month now and has lost 10 lbs. She has mostly limited her eating, which has decreased her calorie intake. Other than those other crazy diet schemes, I think this is the way to go because the less calories you take in, the less weight you'll gain... or the more weight you will lose. Anyway, here it is.
1. No eating after 6pm.  And that means NO EATING.  Water and chewing gum is allowed.
2. No chocolate!!!  I don't know if I'll be able to do this, since I love the stuff. But I guess no pain, no gain.
3. Eat breakfast.  Suggestions include: a small bowl of cereal, yogurt, whole wheat toast, egg whites.
4. Eat slow.  Don't chow down and swallow too fast. Enjoy the food and take your time.
5. When considering a 2nd helping, just wait. Usually it takes the body 20 minutes or so after eating to know that it is full.
6. Limit your bread intake. Minimize the carbs.
7. Drink lots of H2O. Your body is mostly made up of water and drinking a lot of it will help trick your stomach into thinking its full.
8. Your snack is H2O.  You may go to the bathroom to do #1 more, but the sacrifice is worth it.
9. No juice. You may think juice is good for you, but there are an absurd amount of calories in a serving of juice, check the nutritional facts. If you're craving fruit, eat some fruit!
10. No soda and that includes diet sodas.

I'm going to follow this routine for the month of March and track if I make any progress. Let's see if it works!

2.25 miles run; 37 minutes and 14 seconds; 381 calories burned.


betmo said...

hmmm.... i could never do the chocolate thing :) but that's ok. my plan is to exercise regularly until i get into a routine- and then on from there. i plan to grow my own veggies and gradually scale back my meat intake. becoming vegetarian is one of the surest ways to lose weight. no meat or dairy- and your body sheds pounds as the meat breaks down into sugars also. i am not there yet. i rarely eat refined foods and i have begun to check the labels more. there is corn syrup in everything and that's hidden calories. sucrose, sugar, sugar, sugar.... in most foods we eat. yes, lower the carb intake and replace simple carbs with more complex ones. i have taken to making my own bread- wheat. less likely to have a full sandwich. i eat oatmeal for breakfast- i cook it- not out of an envelope. slowly i am making life changes- that way i will be sure they stick :) good luck!!!

snovvfreak said...

you forgot "run 2-5 miles daily"..and that bread thing is not working since i bring a sandwich to work everyday for lunch =T