Monday, May 18, 2009

Where have I been?

Hi Internet.
I know I haven't posted in about 1.5 months, and I'm sorry...
My father had complications with his surgery in which we almost lost him.  He's much better now and everything is ok.  

On a lighter note, I also twisted my left ankle and hurt my left foot, so I have been unable and unwilling to run.  I would love to do some running (really?).  Instead, I have been exercising by doing some weight lifting and have decided to do stick to this type of workout. I'll still run, but maybe every other day.  Let's see how this works.

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betmo said...

glad that your dad is ok. i haven't been using the gym equipment lately. i have been hand mowing the grass though- now, that's a workout! i am essentially the mower motor. works shoulders, arms and legs. i do have to get back on the gym equipment the days i don't mow though :)