Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 95

Hey there Internet!
Friday was my rest day, hence no running and no post. However, not to fret, b/c I did my workout today and it was nice. Especially since I was running in my new sneaks. Earlier today I went to Sports Authority to purchase some new running shoes since my older ones are falling apart and are becoming more uncomfortable. They had a decent selection and I decided to spend a little more than usual.  Usually, I don't spend over $50 on sneakers (what a cheapo right?) Haha, but I decided to spend a little more, b/c I realized that it makes more sense to purchase a shoe that's a little more expensive, if it's going to provide the support and comfort you need while wearing them. With that logic in mind, I came across these...


The Asics Gel-1140. I've never purchased Asics product before and I thought I'd give them a try. The aesthetic look of the sneaker is simple and neat. I especially like the blue stripes and the mesh on the outside which provides breathability for your feet. They provided a much better level of comfort than my other shoes and they felt pretty light on my feet during tonight's run. All in all, my impression is very positive. I will let you know of any drawbacks if I come across any.

2 miles run; 32 minutes and 34 seconds; 338 calories burned.

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betmo said...

ha- i don't run so i usually do $30-$40 :) talk about a cheapo ;) i too exercised yesterday. i didn't really want to but i had taken a couple days off during the week- so i couldn't afford to :) looking forward to being able to get outside in the yard- weather has not been cooperating here in upstate new york :) did i mention that i have a 'green website' now?