Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 33 - I ran today, I did!

Hey all,
Sorry for the late post...I DID RUN TODAY!  Did the 2 miler, I thought it would be difficult since I snowboarded yesterday... however, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I was able to cruise right through it.

So, I've been doing this running thing for the past month now.  I've made some progress: I can run for extended periods of time now and am running at a consistent basis.  I have never stuck to a program like this and I'm a little happy for myself.  Although I don't see any results, I'm sure they will come eventually and the added bonus is that I feel good mentally because I'm sticking to the running.  I think what's helping me go through this is this blog.  Somehow I feel accountable to posting every day even though there are only like 2 people reading up on it (thanks guys :P).  Anyways, I'm going to keep doing (at least for the year) so I can track the progress.  Only 11 more months to go!!

2 miles ran; 30 minutes; 370 calories burned.

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snovvfreak said...

nice job bro!!! you can do it!!!