Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 59

Hello Internet!
So these days, I've been finding it hard to get myself to run. Whether it be lack of energy (possibly due to lack of sleep maybe?) or just lack of motivation, the past few days have been tough. Yesterday, I made a half assed attempt to exercise by getting on the stationary bike for 30 minutes. If I keep going at this rate, I don't think I'll ever get into shape. Also, my diet has been going down the drain. I ate nothing but carbohydrate loaded dinner last night. It was good then, but probably not the best of choices.

This morning, instead of running, I decided to do some weight training. I will list the routine I did below. It did feel good to lift some weight and I'm thinking maybe I should alter my days with running and weight training. Running has indeed gotten extremely boring, and it doesn't help that I'm on a treadmill going nowhere fast. Maybe the change in routine will lead to something good? We'll see.

Also, has anyone ever heard about this fruit called the "Acai"? I hear that it has some very good health and energizing properties. I'll investigate further and let you know of my findings.

Today's workout:
1. Warmup set: 15 reps of 100 lbs
2. Set 1: 15 reps of 140 lbs
3. Set 2-4: 12 reps of 140 lbs

Shoulder Press
1. Warmup set: 14 reps of 40 lbs
2. Set 1&2: 15 reps of 50 lbs
3. Set 3&4: 14 reps of 60 lbs

1. Set 1: 15 reps of 100 lbs
2. Set 2&3: 14 reps of 100 lbs
3. Set 4: 15 reps of 100 lbs

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