Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 35

Hey all,
I missed Saturday (was quite tired) so I made up for it today.  Ran/Walked 4 miles and let me tell you, it was tough.  My legs are a little sore, which means they will be super sore tomorrow.  I can't wait! :P  But I did it, so I'm happy that I accomplished that today.

I'm going on a business trip this coming Thursday until Monday morning and I'm wondering how I'm going to do my runs.  I'm headed out to Las Vegas for the CES show and the hotel I'm staying at has a gym, but I have to pay $50 for it.  What the heck, right?  I mean I could run outside, but it might get cold and I'll be that funny looking guy who'll be running along the Strip alone.  HA wouldn't that be funny?  Who goes to Vegas and runs?  Maybe I'll take my camera along and take some pics along the way?  I have no clue, any suggestions?

4 miles run/walked; 75 minutes 17 seconds; 680 calories burned.  DAMN TIRED!

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