Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 10

I ran today.  I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss out today and run 4 miles tomorrow.  I ran 4 miles last night and when I woke up this morning, I was quite sore.  All the lower extremities of my body were aching.  They were saying to me, "Don't run now...just don't...please?"  Haha.  But I didn't give in to those little voices.  In the past I most certainly would have.  Especially since this morning looked very dreary and rainy outside.  A good day to just sleep an hour more and a nice warm, cozy bed.  But, I feel committed to run and post to this blog, even though most probably no one even (maybe 1) reads this.  I feel a sense of responsibility to making sure I run.  It's kind of strange actually.  But I really have a desire to exercise and prove to myself that I can do this and make this a part of my daily routine.  No more excuses, no more saying "Oh, I'll exercise a little later or tomorrow."  No more of that.

I saw a little video on TV about Oprah and her gaining back some weight recently.  I'm sure for her, despite how wealthy she is, it's difficult for her to maintain her weight due to her "busyness."  I know you'll never read this, but hey Oprah, hang in there and press on!  Little by little everyday...  You are a great and inspiring woman!

Run/walk 30 minutes; 348 calories burned.
Results: feeling sore, but feeling great! :)

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betmo said...

good for you :) from what i heard, oprah may have a problem with her thyroid also. affects metabolism. and also, aging puts some poundage on and in american culture- we tend to be too thin on one hand and too heavy on the other. american culture has no balance. you are in my google reader so when you update- i read ;) is that helpful for accountability?