Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 12 & 13 Rest - Day 14 - Do you or are you gaining weight?

I didn't run on Day 12 or 13.  I was quite exhausted from the week and my legs were really sore. I didn't want to hurt myself and I felt I needed a rest.  PLUS, I didn't feel like running. LOL. But I think the 2 days off were good for me.  It let my body recuperate from all the running I've been doing the past 2 weeks. I think I'm going to take one day off per week to let my body regain strength and to avoid hurting myself. If I'm hurt, then I can't run and that would be horrible, since I've come pretty far. Honestly, I'm quite surprised with myself that I'm sticking to this routine. In the past, I would have probably called it quits by now. I feel my legs getting stronger, and I notice that I can run a little longer than how I ran in the beginning. I am definitely building my tolerance in running for a longer period of time, but I still have a long way to go until I reach those 7 minute miles. I ran/walked 3 miles today and I felt pretty good. I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow morning, but slowly I'm getting used to the soreness.

Anyways, I've been going to scale and have been noticing that I have gained some weight. I was slightly confused about that until I found some interesting stuff. Please read below.

"An increase in exercise time or intensity can lead to a brief gain of a few pounds... If at any time you... suddenly increase your exercise time or intensity a significant amount... you may gain a couple of pounds overnight. This will be gone in a matter of 1-2 days. It occurs because a sudden increase in exercise... will cause your exercised muscles to take in an extra load of glycogen from subsequent meals. Since glycogen is stored with 3-4 parts water, it means a considerable weight gain..."

I hope that helps. I try to remember that anytime I exercise my muscles in an unaccustomed way, the scale will show a temporary weight gain the next day. Try not to be discouraged. Your calorie math is correct and will show results over the next week or two.

47 minutes; 562 calories burned.

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