Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Missing Day Again??? Day 9

Yup, yup, I know, I missed a day again.  :(  Yesterday I was so swamped with stuff to do, that I just could not get myself to the treadmill.  So I did what I did on Day 7 and made up for it today by running 4 miles.  If I keep doing this, then I might just have to change this to the "4 Miles a Day Blog."  LOL.  That's not going to happen, at least for right now.  The four miles today was a tad bit easier, but still difficult.  I did not run the whole way, but I ran a good portion of it, mixing it up with some walking during intervals.  Maybe one day, I'll be able to run 4 maybe even 5 miles straight.  Wouldn't that be the day?  Anyhow, the run was good and I'm feeling good, at least mentally, b/c I know I ran and because I'm sticking to this program I set.  I feel my legs getting stronger and my calves and thighs are definitely feeling more muscular.  I made sure that I stretched myself out after today's workout, because it definitely helps ease the soreness that I feel the next day.  I recommend that you all do the same.  Always stretch, you'll thank me later.  Hopefully, I'll get some rest tonight so that I can wake up early tomorrow morning and do the 2 miler.  If there is anyone out there who is following my blog, I challenge you to run/walk 2 miles a day.  Although hard in the beginning, you'll feel much better about yourself.  I know I am :)

58 minutes flat on the treadmill; 727 calories burned.
'Til tomorrow...adios~

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