Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 5

Hey there...I couldn't work out this morning b/c I was sooooo tired.  I haven't been getting much sleep the past couple of days so I decided to sleep an extra hour.  HOWEVER, I DID WORK OUT TODAY THOUGH!!!  I just did my 2 miles now and I feel great!  I especially feel great too b/c a fellow blogger by the name of "betmo" commented on yesterday's post telling me that what I was doing was inspirational to her.  Betmo, thanks for the compliment!  But I challenge you and all the rest of those who come by to do what I'm doing.  It's not that much and if you just walk it, it would probably take at most 45 minutes.  45 minutes a day to a better, healthier, feel good life?  I'll take that any day ;)  I know you can do it....b/c I'm doing it!  I encourage you all to be courageous and take the next step to a healthier lifestyle.  You'll feel better and thank me for it later ;P

Oh btw, I walked/ran for 27 minutes and 24 seconds and burned 350 calories.  The shorter time and higher calorie burn is due to me picking up the speed a little more often and raising the incline.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get the time down!


betmo said...

how does the saying go? 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step?' it's taking that first step. i intend to- because a weak mind creates a weak body and vice versa :) it's going to be a tough year ahead for the entire globe- and i, for one, want to be strong to face whatever challenges are going to come along. good for you for starting and sticking with your program :)

gsongnyc said...

Yes, taking the first step is always the hardest thing. But once you get the momentum going, it's hard to stop. You just need to keep going I suppose. I hope my blog and my journey compels you to take the next step. If you need some encouragement, feel free to stop by!